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Pit 28a druk pdf

Pit 28a druk pdf

Candidates can perform a variety of actions each week, based on their energy level, from creating HQ structures pit 28a druk pdf can generate money, operatives or endorsement points) to drjk speeches, implementing media campaigns or simply asking money for funds.

At one point, a vice president needs to be selected and there are media interviews to conduct (with some pretty decent humor when it comes to the spoof questions and answers) and incidents to deal with.

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Pit 28a druk pdf

Pit 28a druk pdf

You can also give personas specific abilities through the use of rare items called "skill cards"--a callback to some of the earlier Persona games. Your party members are also capable pit 28a druk pdf performing additional abilities during combat: depending on how high your social links are druo your teammates, they can randomly cure minor status ailments and perform support attacks--even if they aren't in the currently active party.

Certain combinations of party members can also perform special follow-up skills after all-out attacks to deal extra damage to already weakened foes.